Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Quick MISTI trick for narrow stamps. (I LOVE my MISTI! )


Just wanted to share this quick tip. :)

Very narrow stamps, like flower stems, balloon strings etc. can be a bit tricky. If you position them on the paper, the stamps will fall over, and you can't just pick it up with the MISTI lid. Trying to find the perfect position for the stamp by moving it around until it's in the right place can take a little time. But with this trick, it's super easy to place the stamp in the perfect position.

1. Thin stamps fall over to the side, so it's hard to pick it up with the MISTI lid.

2. Put the stamp aside for a few seconds.
Close the MISTI and place a post it note on the outside of the lid, in the exact spot you want your
stamp. Make sure you place the top of your post it where you want the top of the stamp.

3. Open the MISTI. Align your stamp with the post it. Easy peasy!

5 & 6. Ink up your stamp, and be amazed by your creation! ;)

The stamps are from the Scandinavian Prints stamp set, by Neat and Tangled.
(The cards I made is coming soon. :) )

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